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ANUE vists Yachay – City of Knowledge, Ecuador

Posted 30 August 2013 7:11pm

Yachay, the City of Knowledge, is the first of Ecuador's big initatives to strengthen the knowledge sector and drive sustainable growth.

Yachay aims to connect research and industry in 5 key sectors - petrochemistry, ICT, life sciences, nano-sciences, and renewable energy & cimate change - by developing a world-class university at the core of a special economic region, and housing part of it in beautifully restored heritage buildings.

As the city develops it will become a knowledge hub linking the university with public and private research institutes, technology transfer, high-tech companies and industries from across Ecuador, all in one unique location.


As universities, ANU and Yachay have founding visions to concentrate research excellence and help advance their nations.

As innovation hubs, ANUE and Yachay are tasked to increase the connectivity between research, industry and public policy


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