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South Australian Modelling and Simulation: a long-term vision

Workshop participants prioritising opportunities

As part of a major investment by the South Australian Government, ANUE investigated the top opportunities for the state’s modelling and simulation industry.

Through the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE), the South Australian Government develops industry initiatives that drive innovation, providing economic, social and environmental benefit to the state.

DMITRE sees modelling and simulation as a major contributor to that objective. South Australia’s simulation sector is recognised as having a major impact on the future of national and international business.

Simulation and modelling reproduce real-world systems through computer programming, virtual environments and mathematical formulas to predict behaviour under a variety of conditions. They are particularly valuable in areas of design where building prototypes is difficult or dangerous and making modifications is costly.

ANUE was asked to investigate and prioritise opportunities for South Australia’s modelling and simulation industry. Participatory roadmapping methodology was desirable so as to grow industry buy-in and develop a comprehensive strategy paper for the sector.

To achieve this, ANUedge used its far-reaching networks to gather data from expert interviews and industry representatives at two high-level workshops.

The first workshop identified the trends and drivers and identified a vision for each of the four key vertical markets (KVMs): manufacturing, resources, health and defence.  The second workshop had participants match opportunities to a capability list devised by our consultants. Opportunities were then prioritised based on “attractiveness” and “fit with capability” scores calculated by ANUE.

The findings were included a final report, complemented by other analysis (trends and drivers, vision and recommendations). Information from the report will be incorporated into DMITRE’s industry strategy paper due for publication in 2013.