Lana Dung Phi

Lana Phi has over five years of project coordination experience across the social development, international development, and education sectors. Lana’s professional history features a diverse range of experience with start-ups, corporate, government, and non-profit.

Before her joining ANU Enterprise team, Lana worked in the ANU College of Asia and Pacific Research Services Office and at the Digital Health Record under ACT Health. She also lived and worked in the South Pacific as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga for three years. Highlights include delivering US and Australian funded projects on the ground that addressed community needs in health, agriculture, and access to clean water.

Let Lana Help You

Lana enjoys the strategic challenge of helping stakeholders succeed in every part of their project’s life cycle, from Initiation to Closure. This includes logistics coordination, monitoring and evaluation, budget tracking, and milestone and task management. You can read more about the services and capabilities of ANU Enterprise in our Year in Review.

Her expertise and knowledge in cross-cultural engagement and capacity development and her adaptable approach to tackling any bumps along the way mean that you can count on her to help you successfully cross the finish line. Lana works with our Project Management Team to ensure that customers achieve their project goals.

Feel free to reach out to Lana for her list of top three ways to pass the time on quiet Sundays on a South Pacific Island.


Lana works closely with:

Jennifer Burgess

Jessica Campbell

Rachael Rheinberger

Alice Marzano

Phillippa Cox

Josh Carter

Karl Hecht

Manett Gill

Email address:

Phone number: +61 2 6125 2876

ANU extension: (52876)

Building Number: X005

Address: Suite 2, Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke Street (Childers St Foyer), Canberra