Our Services

Each project we work on is unique in terms of duration, inputs, complexity, location, contracting framework, budget constraints, deliverables, and nature of the activity. ANU Enterprise provides business development and project management services for and on behalf of Australian National University (ANU).

Tender Support and Business Development services

ANU Enterprise Business Development team supports academics to secure opportunities that expand their collaborations with Industry & Government. Our team works closely with ANU Business Engagement and Commercialisation Office (BEC), ANU Schools and Colleges and the broader Research & Innovation Services.

ANU Enterprise Business Development service provides ANU academics with curated tender alerts and identifies university-wide multi-disciplinary collaborations for Industry and Government projects as well as support for complex opportunity development. Once ANU wants to pursue a project opportunity, ANU Enterprise assists with coordinating, preparing, and submitting the tender or proposal for ANU. Once won, ANU Enterprise assists with the contract negotiation. If lost, ANU Enterprise assists with securing feedback.

What does business development support cost?

Our business development services are free to ANU Academics and staff.

Project Management

Our Project Management services are designed to assist and support ANU academics with the professional delivery of industry and government-funded projects.

The Project Management service can be applied to any project. They range from simple contract management services to designing and delivering complex and intensive project management across multiple stakeholders.

Our project services include the management of project budgets, stakeholder management, sub-contractor engagement, project risk management, program delivery support, insurance coverage, contract compliance, financial transaction processing, project logistics, communication outputs, and performance reporting.

What does project support cost?

ANU Enterprise Project Management services are generally borne by your industry and government partner and are costed directly into the project budget. The fees charged by ANU Enterprise depend on the complexity and level of inputs required. In general, they can range from 15% to 35% of the contract price.

Personal Consultancies at ANU

Under the ANU Paid Outside work policy, the University encourages academics to develop and maintain professional standing in the community through undertaking a limited amount of personal consultancy work per year (52 days a year as per the ANU Enterprise Bargaining Agreement).

What does ANU Enterprise provide?

ANU Enterprise supports ANU academics and staff in contracting with Industry and Government, including advice on costing and pricing, personal indemnity and public liability insurance, contract negotiations, project scope, invoices, and payments.

What do your consulting support services cost?

ANU Enterprise Consulting service cost is generally borne by your industry or government customer.

A baseline of 15% of the overall contract value, as set by the DVCRI, for basic processing, insurance and contract management applies. For additional services you may require like project management, contact us or see our Fee Guide.

If you’ve already agreed on a contract value with your industry or government partner before engaging ANU Enterprise, you’ll need to deduct the ANU Enterprise fee from the contract price before deciding if this is the right option for your project.

More Information: ANU Paid Outside Work      Policy   |   Procedure