Pia Eliason

Pia Eliason started working at ANU Enterprise in 2017, as a Project Administrator. She is now a Project Officer, working alongside the other members of the ANUE Project Management Office.

Let Pia help you

Pia is part of ANUE’s Project Management Office. In the day-to-day, Pia’s responsibility is supporting academics to deliver work under the 52-day rule or consultancy agreements, and smaller-scale projects. She also oversees the successful delivery of elements of ANUE’s large-scale projects, including our Executive Education and international projects.

As ANUE’s resident birdwatcher, Pia spends her free time flooding the ANUE chatline with bird photos and videos, convincing herself that everyone else is interested in what the spinebills were up to that morning. On the bright side, there are plenty of academics who are willing and able to chat about that!

Email address:

Phone number: +61 2 6125 5455

ANU extension: (55455)

Building Number: X005

Address: Suite 2, Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke Street (Childers St foyer), Canberra