Professor Veronica Taylor


Professor Veronica Taylor

Professor Veronica Taylor is a Professor of Law and Regulation at ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet).

For many years, Veronica has been a client of ANU Enterprise, with the first-hand experience of ANU Enterprise services in winning and delivering projects and business development ventures. Veronica joined ANU Enterprise board in 2020.

Veronica is an ANU Public Policy Fellow. She is a member of the Executive of the Australia-Japan Business Cooperation Committee and the Deputy Chair of the Foundation for Australia-Japan Studies.

Veronica Taylor joined ANU in 2010 as Director of the Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet) (now the School of Regulation and Global Governance) and served as Dean of ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (2014- 2016). She has served as Director of the ANU Japan Institute several times. Before joining ANU, Veronica was Director of the Asian Law Center at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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