New Panel Opportunity: Training and Strategic Advisory Services

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New Panel Opportunity: Training and Strategic Advisory Services

ANU Enterprise is pleased to confirm Australian National University was recently selected as a supplier for the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) to provide professional services in workplace learning and development.

For ANU researchers, this means access to funding opportunities offered not only by ANAO but also by other departments, as this panel arrangement is available for use by all Commonwealth entities and

A panel arrangement is a procurement mechanism for government departments or agencies that provides an approved shortlist of providers to select from when it needs to purchase goods or services. Panel arrangements can be an efficient solution to procurement as it saves time and money for both government departments/agencies and the University.

Like most panels, the agency, in this case, ANAO, will issue specific work orders through a Request for Quote (RFQ) in the future, and the University will be invited to respond to them.

The University is approved to provide services in Category 6 of the ANAO Deed of Standing Offer for: “The provision of professional services in workplace Learning and Development” including:

  • Tailored Training and Delivery
  • Professional Development Training
  • Strategic Advice Services

This Deed of Standing Offer commences on 1 March 2023 and ends on 31 December 2026.


What are the benefits for the University to be on a panel?


For each panel, a Deed of Standing Offer will be issued and acts as a Head Agreement. This means the University and a government department/agency agree, in advance, the terms in the Deed of Standing Offer, e.g. intellectual property, moral rights and maximum services rates. As a result, the University is not required to review a draft contract or agreement for each Request for Quote (RFQ) in the future.

Strategic partnerships

Panel arrangements allow the University to develop and manage long-term relationships with various government departments.


Other ANU panel arrangements where ANU is a supplier include: 

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CRDC: Cotton Research and Development Corporation Research Deed 2018

Transport Accident Commission: Deed of Standing Offer – Transport Accident Commission Research Services

Defence Science & Technology Group: Defence Partnering Deed

Department of Finance: Management Advisory Services Panel – MAS panel

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National Indigenous Australians Agency: Provision of Indigenous Evaluation and Research Services

NSW Govt – North Coast Local Land Services – P21-2915 Environmental Services Panel

Department of Health: Deed of Standing Offer – Health Data Analytics Panel (SON3390679)

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources: Panel for the Provision of Reports on Science and Technology – DISER panel

Qld Department of Education: Professional Development Training for Staff SOA PQP QED106598

Department of Health: Panel for the provision of health technology assessment & support services – HTA Panel

Department of Defence: Defence Innovation, Science And Technology Standing Offer – DIST Panel

Australian National Audit Office: Deed of Standing Offer for the Provision of Professional and Associated Services – ANAO panel


For more information on ANU Panels, speak to ANU Enterprise Manager Tenders, Thu Roberts at