Five things you should know about becoming a successful consultant

Consulting to Industry and Government

Five things you should know about becoming a successful consultant

As part of ANU community, your knowledge and unique skill set can serve as a catalyst for change. Consulting offers you an opportunity to apply your expertise to solve problems facing Industry and Government, as well as advancing knowledge and building your network. Here are our tips:

1. Understand the Landscape: Before embarking on a consultancy project, familiarise yourself with the differences between University and Personal Consultancies. Be clear about the implications and management requirements for each.

2. Identify Opportunities: Seek consulting opportunities through various channels. These might include a direct client approach, competitive requests from the government or industry, existing relationships, or even cold calling. Remember, your existing ANU network can present a wealth of opportunities.

3. Maximise your Online Presence: Amplify your professional network by updating and enhancing your online profile, ensuring both your ANU researcher page and LinkedIn is up to date. Be sure to incorporate keywords relevant to your expertise and maintain a commercial CV in addition to your detailed academic CV.

4. Craft a Compelling Proposal: Your proposals should always be outcome-focused, demonstrating your ability to deliver a higher quality of work on time. Tailoring the client’s needs with your skillset, and incorporating a strong project and risk management plan, will increase your chances of success.

5. Master Your Pricing Strategy: Don’t undervalue your expertise. Price your services competitively, considering factors such as your unique skills, the complexity of the project, and potential evening and weekend loading. Remember, cost and price are different; price your work based on value, not just the cost of your time.

Embarking on a consulting journey can be a truly rewarding addition to your existing work, opening doors to new networks, funding opportunities, and practical impact.

If you are considering doing consultancy work, reach out to our team and engage our free business development services and years of know-how in this area. We are here to support you through this process. View our Fee Guide.