Update to ANU Paid Outside Work Policy – Here’s the new ANU Enterprise Service

Update to ANU Paid Outside Work Policy – Here’s the new ANU Enterprise Service

Over the past three years, the Research and Innovation Portfolio has undertaken an extensive consultation process to review the pathway for undertaking work outside the University under the ANU Paid Outside Work policy.

A key objective of this policy review was to encourage and assist academics to undertake personal consultancy work with Industry and Government and enable ANU Academic staff to use ANU affiliation and resources whilst at the same time ensuring that records are kept, and risks are managed appropriately.

To enable this policy change, ANU worked with ANU Enterprise (ANUE) to design and launch a dedicated Personal Consultancy Service to support and process projects with Industry and Government to a high professional standard.

ANU Enterprise has provided personal consultancy support services to academics for years, but the recent policy update has now formalised ANUE as the only pathway through which ANU affiliation and resources can be enabled. ANUE is also a recommended optional pathway to assist with personal consultancies undertaken in a private capacity i.e., with no reference to ANU position, title, and use of ANU resources.

A new information webpage has updated forms to facilitate the processing and approval of paid outside work, ensuring that appropriate records are kept.

​​​​​​​This policy applies to all ANU academic staff including honorary and visiting staff but excludes sessional staff and casual staff.

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For more information about Personal Consultancies outside ANU speak to Lucy Imeson, Manager Consultancies, ANU Enterprise, on 02 6125 0990.

ANU Enterprise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian National University.


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